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Robots, circuits, projects, designs, building robots, and links.


On this page are some of the Robots I have built in the last 25 years. Also provided, are links to Instructables I have done, projects, robot parts, and other information that might be of interest to electronics experimenters, inventors, and those who are building robots.  

Robot Ant







    Soft robot: arm and gripper


Robot Ant







    Robot Ant





One Inch Robot







    One Inch Micro Sumo Robot




Forest Robot    Forest Robot




Artificial Robot Muscle    Making Robot Air Muscles




Walking Robot    Walking Robot


Robot Art



Worlds smallest robot    Robot On A Dime: World's Smallest Wheeled Robot With A Gripper


More Robots

Two Armed Robot

One Arm Robot




        Information for Building Robots and The Electronic Experimenter


Picaxe microcontrollers

Picaxe Projects

Picaxe Projects 2

Robot Grippers


Easy Surface Mount Techniques


Fast circuit Prototyping


The Led Page


Cool Circuits


Robot Links


The Coolest Robots 


Construction Techniques Using Conductive Fabric and Conductive Glue


Make Conductive Glue and Glue a Circuit


My Instructable on how to make conductive fabric, thread, foam, glues,

and a circuit that rolls up: Conductive Glue and Conductive Thread


  My latest Instructable on how to etch conductive fabric and glue circuits: Conductive Fabric: Make Flexible Circuits







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Inkless press also publishes information on electronic circuits and how to build robots. This includes information on surface mount technology, Picaxe microcontrollers, robot parts, inventions and robot links.

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